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Cleaning Services:

• We Vacuum all your carpets on every visit.
• We sweep or vacuum your hard surface floors.
• We mop your hard surface floors with neutral cleaners & buff them to your specifications.
• We strip, seal & finish your tile floors & clean your carpeted areas upon request.
Kitchens & Break AreAs
• We clean & disinfect break area tables & chairs.
• Food prep. areas, countertops & sinks
• We clean microwaves inside & out and exteriors of refrigerators.
• We sanitize restrooms & disinfect all lavatory fixtures, sinks, partitions, & walls.
• We restock hand towels, tissue, hand soap on every visit.

Janitorial Services:

General Areas
• Disinfect doorknobs, light switches & phones
• Waste baskets emptied, liners replaced
• Normal dusting as directed.
• High dusting & low dusting monthly

Glass CleaNing
• Lobbies & entry areas
• Interior Glass

Stairways and Elevators
Surface Cleaning
• Dusting
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